L-A Quick Facts - Unique Companies

Unique Companies

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Unique Creative Economy Businesses in the Twin Cities

Harriman Associates Architects & Engineers - 1 Auburn Business Park, Auburn (Designers of community projects such as the new Auburn Hall and Bates College’s Carnegie Science Building)

Platz Associates - Great Falls Plaza, Auburn (Designers of the Bates Mill redevelopment, the Business Service Center, and several of the area’s beautiful parking garages)

In-Depth Archaeology - 382 College Street, Lewiston (One of the regions few archaeologists)

Ware Street Inn - 52 Ware Street, Lewiston/Munroe Inn, 123 Pleasant Street, Auburn (Recently purchased by Bates College, for more information please call (207) 783-8171)

McIntosh & Tuttle Cabinetmakers - 41 Chestnut Street, Lewiston (Cabinetry as functional art)

Fishbones - Bates Mill Complex, Lewiston (Seafood as art)

Massage therapists - ( I’m not selecting any single one, but consider the magic fingers that work out the week’s tension and stress)

Creative Forensic Services - 5 Jeannette Ave, Lewiston (Arlo West’s creative detective work is used for audio recovery for crime cases)

Encompass Marketing & Design - 162 Main Street, Auburn

Shads Advertising - 243 Mount Auburn Ave, Auburn

Rinck Advertising - 2 Great Falls Plaza, Auburn

Geiger Promotional Products - 70 Mount Hope Avenue, Lewiston

Landscaping companies - (we can’t vouch for any particular one, but landscaping is nothing short of using the earth to convey a sense of space)

Katahdin Studio Furniture - (John Stass offers custom-made studio furniture and music stands with some of the most elegant wood we’ve ever seen)

The Maine Bucket Company - 21 Fireslate Place, Lewiston (Big buckets, small buckets, popcorn pails, interlocking display stands – these guys have built quite a business on functional wood)

New England School of Metalwork - 22 Albiston Way, Auburn (A subsidiary of MaineOxy, they teach welders how to be master blacksmiths)

Penmor Lithographers, 8 Lexington Street - 8 Lexington Street Lewiston (A quality printer can make a good brochure a stunning one, and these folks make brochures come to life)

Maine Proofreading Services - 55 Lisbon Street, Lewiston (When you read a good book, you may heap praise on the author, but it’s often the proofreader that helps make that paragraph clear or memorable)

Coastal T-shirts - 194 Turner Street, Auburn; Action Printing, 41 Chestnut Street, Lewiston (It’s art on your back)

Neokraft Sign Co. - 686 Main Street, Lewiston (They make logos and artwork come to life on walls, street corners, and signposts)

Marquis Signs - 78 Essex Street, Lewiston (Drive anywhere in the downtown(s) and chances are you’ll recognize their work)